We are  storytellers 

We are directors

We make feature films, TV series, commercials (for branding and performance marketing), music videos, documentaries, β€œcontent”, …

We are photographers

We capture the essence of lifestyle, fashion, documentaries, portraits, products, on both film and digital cameras.

We are artists

We compose with words, imagery (both still and in motion), and sound to trigger all senses for offline, online or both.

We are storytellers

We tell stories that ignite imaginations and forge connections, sculpting memories out of moments.

... with diverse skill sets

Our storytelling skill sets are as diverse as the stories themselves. From the authenticity of live-action, the finesse of photography, the energy of 3D animation, to the immersion of virtual production, and the innovation of AI-generated content, we embrace every technology to bring our vision to life.

We excel in seamlessly integrating into projects at any stage.

We leverage technologies, including generative AI and virtual production, not just for the sake of innovation, but to significantly enhance efficiency and adaptability. This enables us to craft narratives that not only resonate globally or regionally but are also tailor-made and adaptable for diverse markets audiences.

With NKFR, experience the synergy of creativity and precision, passion and innovation, all dedicated to crafting not just campaigns' assets but meaningful dialogues that resonate across audiences, channels and mindsets.

We are based in Bangkok, servicing worldwide.

We are not just agile and innovative but also deeply connected and resourceful, ready to adapt and customize our approach to fit your exact needs blending creativity, strategic insight, and the latest technological advancements, all while maintaining the intimate and responsive engagement that only a boutique company can provide.

Tapping into our experience with global, regional and local brands, we get the drill. You want something tailored yet modular, and crafted to amplify the brand’s success. Whether you need an advisor to develop the brand narrative, a consultant to support projects, or creators to bring the vision to life... You can count on us as creative partners.

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